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Essential Oils

essential oils

With manufacturing and extraction plants in different parts of the world, Ungerer offers unprecedented expertise in the essential oil business.

Ungerer is the first to offer Allergen Reduced Essential Oils. Here are our 14 specially formulated AR Essential Oils. 
(How is Allergen Reduced Essential Oil different?)

  • Baby Chamomile AR Specialty AE-000153
  • Citrus AR Specialty AE-000193
  • Citrus Specialty AR AE-000212
  • Citrus Zest AR Specialty AE-000204
  • Galbanum Oil AR Natural 309020
  • Ginger Oil AR Natural 309241
  • Juniper AR Natural 555273
  • Juniper Berry AR Specialty 555267
  • Lavandin Grosso AR Natural 555292
  • Lavender AR Natural 555271
  • Lavender AR Specialty 555268
  • Lime Oil Dist AR Natural 555270
  • Mint Key AR Natural 555269
  • Natural Citrus 555281

Below is a partial list of our essential oils.

Almond, Sweet FCC Almond, Bitter FCC Amyris FCC Angelica Root Angelica Seed Anise FCC Balsam Peru FCC Basil FCC Bay FCC Bergamot Italian Birch Sweet Southern FCC Bois De Rose Brazil FCC Camphor White Camphor 1070 Cananga Java Native FCC Caraway Seed FCC Cassia Redistilled FCC Cedarleaf, Thuja Occidentals FCC Cedarwood Texas Cedarwood Virginia Celery Seed FCC Cinnamon Bark Extra FCC Cinnamon FCC Cinnamon Leaf Ceylon FCC Citronella Ceylon Citronella 5/35 % Java Clary Sage Extra FCC Clove Bud FCC Clove Leaf Indonesia Clove Leaf Madagascar Clove Leaf Redistilled FCC Clove Stem FCC Copaiba FCC Coriander FCC Cumin FCC Dill Weed FCC Estragon FCC Eucalyptus 70/75%FCC Eucalyptus 80/85%FCC Fennel Sweet FCC Fir Canadian FCC Fir Siberian FCC Galbanum Garlic FCC Gaultheria Southern FCC Geranium Bourbon Geranium Chinese Geranium Egyptian Ginger FCC Grapefruit CP Pink Grapefruit CP White Grapefruit Expressed FCC Guaiacwood Concentrate Hemlock Hyssop Juniper Berries FCC Lavandin Abrialis 30/32% Lavandin Grosso Lavender Fleurs 40/42 % FCC Lavender Spike FCC Lemon Calif. Type Star Brand FCC Lemon CP Argentina FCC Lemon Italian CP FCC Extra Lemongrass Guatemala FCC Lime Expressed FCC Lime Expressed Mexican FCC Lime Distilled Mexican FCC Lime Distilled Peru FCC Litsea Cubeba Mace Distilled FCC Mandarin Italian FCC Marjoram Sweet Spanish FCC Neroli Bigarade Nutmeg El Orange Bitter West Indian Orange Brazil Sweet FCC Orange CP Brazil Orange Distilled Cal. FCC Orange Sweet Cold Pressed Cal. FCC Orange Sweet Expressed Fla. Valencia FCC Orange Sweet Expressed Fla. Mid Season FCC Origanum Rectified FCC Origanum Vulgares FCC Orris Concrete FCC Palmarosa FCC Patchouli Amber Patchouli Dark Patchouli Light Patchouli Md Pennyroyal European FCC Pepper Black FCC Peppermint Natural Star Brand FCC Peppermint Natural FCC Peppermint Redistilled Star Brand FCC Peppermint Redistilled FCC Petitgrain Redistilled FCC Petitgrain Sa FCC Pimenta Berries FCC Pimenta Leaf 80/85 FCC Pine Needles Siberian FCC Rosemary FCC Sage Dalmation FCC Sage Spanish FCC Sandalwood East Indian FCC Spearmint FCC Spearmint Redistilled FCC Spruce Tangerine Florida FCC Tangerine California FCC Tangerine Dancy Type Tarragon FCC Thuja FCC Thyme Red FCC Thyme White FCC Vetivert Bourbon Vetivert Java Wintergreen Southern FCC Wormwood American Ylang Ylang Bourbon Extra Ylang Ylang Bourbon First Ylang Ylang Bourbon Second Ylang Ylang Bourbon Third